Alcona will be partnering with Michigan College Access Network to participate in the College Cash Campaign. The goal of the Michigan College Cash Campaign is to encourage a school-wide rally around FAFSA completion that helps students navigate the college-going process during their senior year. The most commonly cited barrier to post-secondary education is college affordability. It is important that all students have access to the necessary funds to enroll, persist, and complete college. MCAN also supports FAFSA Completion through MI College Goal, a collaboration of the Michigan Department of Education, Michigan Guaranty Agency, the Michigan Student Financial Aid Association, and EduGuide. During MI College Goal, financial aid experts are available to guide students and their families through each step of completing and filing the FAFSA. 

Students and parents are unable to start working on the FAFSA until January 1st, and it is Due on March 1st. Stay tuned for workshops at AHS where professionals walk you through the process.

External Linkhttps://fafsa.ed.gov/



  • EVERYONE who is even slightly thinking about going to college, should fill out the FAFSA.
  • The FAFSA is the form required at all colleges that accept and award federal aid.  
  • It’s the form that provides your college financial aid officers with the information they need to go ahead and create your financial aid package.
  • FAFSA stands for FREE Application for Federal Student Aid.
  • Hence, it’s FREE.
  • It’s available online at fafsa.ed.gov/.  NOT dot com, NOT dot org, NOT dot anything else.
  • You can still get a paper version, if you really, really, really want to.  But you don’t.
  • The FAFSA helps determine the awarding of over $150 billion in federal aid, as well as state aid.
  • The majority of colleges also use the FAFSA to determine who qualifies for their own institutional need-based aid.
  • The FAFSA is based on your current household and your current assets. What you’ve got in the bank and investment accounts on the day you complete the FAFSA.
  • But the FAFSA wants to know about last year’s (2014) income for your household.
  • If your parents are divorced or separated, it’s based on the parent you spent the most time with in the previous year.
  • Your parents saying that they won’t pay for College does NOT grant you independent status.
  • You can live chat with FAFSA professionals on the FAFSA website if you have specific questions.