Alcona Middle/High School Updates

Happy New Year! As we move into a new year and toward a new semester, here are some important updates:

End of Semester: The end of the 1st semester is Friday, January 29. This day will be a half day with dismissal at 12:03pm. 

Edgenuity End of Semester Update: The end of the semester for Edgenuity classes will be January 25, 2021. There will be no additional extensions available after this date. (Please note, the ending date was previously reported as January 26.)

Edgenuity Grades: Keep a close eye on the Relative Grade listed under the Academic Snapshot in Edgenuity. This is the final grade earned if no additional work is done. A passing grade is 60% or higher.

Edgenuity Student Contract: Every student that will be taking one or more Edgenuity courses over the second semester will need to complete and return the Alcona Edgenuity Student Contract. Copies will be sent home this week.

Semester 2 Information: Take a look at the Semester 2 Return Plan for more information about returning to face-to-face learning beginning on Feb. 1. 

Grading Contract for Semester 2: Because many students have struggled with online learning during the pandemic, we are offering a chance for students to earn credit for some courses that were failed in the 1st semester. Students who failed a class in the 1st semester with a grade of 40% or higher have the opportunity to earn credit for the 1st semester if they earn a 75% or higher in the 2nd semester of the course.

1st Semester

Course: Eng I A

Final Grade: 46% (F)


2nd Semester

Course: Eng I B

Final Grade: 77% (C)


1st Semester

Course: Eng I A

Final Grade: CR (credit)

Eligible students must fill out a Grading Contract and turn it into the office by February 17th. 

Semester 2 Learning Choices: If you have not made a learning choice for your student for the 2nd semester yet, please do so by Friday, January 22. After that date, we will assume the following: middle school students will remain where they currently are (face-to-face or online with Edgenuity); high school students will return for face-to-face learning. Families will be able to make changes until February 5th.