Mr. O'Connor

Good afternoon.

Asynchronous Learning Day 

Just a reminder, we will host an asynchronous learning day for face-to-face students on 2/19. Students will learn from home. Staff will be sending home learning materials digitally or via paper packet for students to complete. The staff will be analyzing data and planning for instructional changes for the second semester.   

Summer School K-12

The district is working on early plans for a three-week summer school for identified or interested students in August before starting the 21/22 school year. More details to come in April.


Speaking of subs, we are looking for substitutes in all areas. If you are looking for flexible work, visit or call 989-736-6212. If you have 60 college credits, please consider signing up for substitute teaching.

Alcona Tea and Bean 

As part of our expanding career and technical education program, Alcona Tea and Bean continues to make preparations to open a tea and coffee shop integrated into our marketing program. The program converted the old gym concession stand into their new shop. More details to come later in the spring.

New Bus 

Students should see a new bus on the road in the next few weeks. The district was able to qualify for a grant to save 25% on the cost of a new bus and continues to upgrade our fleet to help our students travel to and from school safely.

New Website Design

The district has continued to tweak our website. You will now notice links in the upper right corner to our social media and spirit wear shop(also part of our marketing program). The navigation menu has also is revised to help assist with a better user-friendly appearance. Please note, the staff directory includes  

Free App

The school has a free app available on all digital platforms. If you search Alcona Schools, it has smartphone technology for streamlines viewing of events, staff contact information, lunch menu, and other essential information.

Child Protection Registry 

The state of Michigan offers a free program to stop adult-oriented advertisements from reaching e-mails and mobile phones. To sign up or learn more, feel free to go to

Internet Options 

I wanted to pass along two new regional options. The providers are also added to our COVID-19 resources page.

Spring Break 

Just a reminder, spring break for Alcona Schools will start on March 29th and run through April 2nd. Students return on April 5th.

Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences 

Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled for March 11th in the evening. Details will be communicated from each building on the specifics for the virtual conferences.

Superintendent Advisory Council 

I am gauging interest in a ten-parent advisory council from preschool through 12th grade that would meet monthly during the year to provide feedback on the district on a variety of fronts. If you are interested in participating, let me know, and I'll pass along more information as we work through the process.

Daniel O'Connor

Alcona Community Schools