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Good evening! 

Last Day of School 

The last student day of school will be Friday, June 11th. It will be a full student day.

Summer Jump-Start to 21/22

The district plans for a three-week summer school in August(1st, 2nd, and 3rd weeks) for kindergarten through 8th grade. School will be in session from 8 am to noon Monday through Thursday each week. More details to come. High school students needing credit recovery will have access to classes throughout the summer.  

Caledonia School Forest Sale 

The district has the 70 acres it owns listed for sale. A public hearing is scheduled on 5/24 at 5:30 pm before the Board of Education work session that evening to hear public comment on the potential sale(if viable offers are received). Proceeds will be reserved for campus and new school property improvements(43 acres purchased behind the elementary) to provide authentic learning opportunities for students. Current goals are to finish three three-mile trail and consideration for an outdoor classroom/pavilion.

ESSER Federal Stimulus Funds

The district has been allocated $400,000 in stimulus funds with the potential by the end of the process for close to three million dollars. As of now, we have begun moving forward with technology for students and classrooms, updated air quality improvements, teacher sound fields for elementary classrooms, additional water bottle filling stations in both the elementary and high school, updated keyless entry system to allow students and staff more entry points with added security features, and locker/storage renovations for students K-12.  

Sinking Fund Summer of 2021 

The district approved a bid to have the original windows at the middle/high replaced this summer and tint added to the windows for security purposes. We are hoping to have the project complete by the time students return in August. In addition to the windows and doors, the school will be transitioning seven more classrooms at the elementary to polished concrete and removing carpet.  

Staff Retirements

The district wishes several staff members a happy retirement in the coming months. They are Kathy Dykes(para-professional), Rene Holmes(elementary teacher), Teri Yokom (elementary teacher), Veronica Miller(elementary secretary), and Linda Somers(bus driver). The five have well over 100 years of combined service for students!  

It looks to be a busy summer!   Don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions or concerns.  

Daniel O'Connor

Alcona Schools