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Dear Parents/Guardians:

Good evening! I wanted to pass along several updates. Have a great last four weeks of summer break!

Master Calendar
A link to the master calendar for 21/22 can be found here.  

Link to Early July Update
Please see this link for details on our 21/22 planning.  

Athletic Calendar & District Calendar 
Alcona Schools' master calendar and athletic calendars on the bottom of our website are now being populated with important dates for the school year. Check back frequently for updates!  

Athletic Admissions
In June, the Board of Education modified the athletic admissions guidelines to allow students and senior citizens to attend home games for free. Please spread the word as we’d like to see fans out this year rooting on the team.  

Trail and Public Access
As part of our property management plan, the school is finalizing our nature trail on the new 43 acres. The district will soon have it mapped and marked for public use during certain times of the day/year. Stay tuned for details on a ribbon-cutting ceremony in September!  

Foreign Exchange Student Opportunity
Our students love the opportunity to welcome foreign exchange students! If you are interested in serving as a host family, please see this link.  

Foreign Language Transition 
The district recently accepted the resignation of Dr. Mandie Willey. Mandie served several years as a Spanish teacher. As with almost all teaching vacancies, qualified staff is difficult to find. The district was fortunate early in the search process to find a talented German teacher. We will be transitioning our foreign language to German but still offering options like Spanish online for students.  

If you know of people moving to the area or considering moving their child to Alcona from a neighboring district, please encourage them to begin the process sooner rather than later. August can be a challenging month, and our offices have already have experienced a higher than usual amount of new enrollments.  

Substitutes & Career in Education Job Fair
The district is hosting a job fair on 8/9 for adults interested in education. The session is face-to-face from 6:30-8 pm in the auditorium lobby. We are looking for all possibilities, but with a specific focus on substitutes and adults with existing bachelor’s degrees interested in pursuing a career in education through an alternative pathway. We need your help to spread the word about this event!


Daniel O'Connor
Alcona Community Schools