Mr. O'Connor

Good afternoon!

I wanted to share several updates as we near spring break! It's hard to believe we are almost 3/4 through the school year.

Promotional Video
We hope you enjoy our new promotional video. The link can be found here!

Key Dates

  • BOE Meeting 3/14 5:30 pm
  • 1/2 Day Students & 1/2 day Professional Development 3/16
  • Spring Break 3/28 through 4/1

Snow Days
The district is over the allotted six snow/cancellation days, which means adding at least two more days to the school year. Tentatively, our last day will be June 10th.

April 15th
The district is slated to have no school on April 15th. Due to the recent school cancellations, we may consider modifying the day and making it a 1/2 day for students and staff—more information will come in the next few weeks.

Ameri-Corps Food/Nutrition Position
The district applied and received funding for a new food nutrition educator position to work with kindergarten through eighth-grade students on nutrition. I'll share the posting with the community once created!

Projects This Summer
We have a jam-packed summer ahead with many projects scheduled to start this spring and wrap up in September. Some of the projects are:

  • Playground Renovation at the Elementary
  • Boiler Repair/Construction
  • Concrete/Block Replacement Around District
  • Carpet Removal/Polished Concrete at Elementary - Six Classrooms
  • Replacement of Fiber to Elementary
  • Construction of Outdoor Classroom
  • New Camera System
  • New Public Address and Bell System
  • Garage Door Replacement Woodshop/Agri-Science

Math Teacher
We are thrilled to welcome Jack McClure to our team as a math teacher for the 22/23 school year.

Superintendent Advisory Council
We have a few openings spots on the Superintendent Advisory Council. The group meets once and month and will be helping lead the district's strategic planning revision process. Let me know if you are interested!