Dual Enrollment

Alcona High School’s Enhanced Dual Enrollment Program

Why Dual Enrollment?

  • Gain academic rigor while still in the high school environment
  • Earn high school and college credit if passed with 75% or better
  • Have access to college mentors
  • Transition to college academic atmosphere
  • Save up to $24,000 in tuition


Earn up to 24 college credits all located at Alcona High School

Courses Offered

  • English 111, English 112, and Speech 121 - You can substitute for AHS English IV graduation requirement
  • PLS 121 & ECN 232 - You can substitute for AHS Econ/Gov graduation requirement
  • PSY 101
  • SOC 123
  • CLS 121
  • The classes within the dual enrollment program were carefully selected to satisfy general education requirements at many Michigan colleges.


  • Students will qualify per ACC and State of Michigan dual enrollment standards during their Sophomore year
  • Classes will be integrated throughout their Junior and Senior year schedule
  • Students will take dual enrollment classes in the morning and continue with their high school classes in the afternoon


Dual Enrollment FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I’m excused from high school classes, am I excused from college?

  • You are responsible for connecting with your professor when class is missed
  • Missing more than three classes may result in failure of the class and/or a 20% decrease of a grade depending on your course syllabus

Are students responsible for their own books?

  • ACC provides all textbooks for classes taken at Alcona High School
  • Students are responsible for all book damage costs

When do I have to make a final decision to take a class for high school credit?

  • By the end of the first two weeks a student must inform the office that they are taking the class as high school credit
  • You can’t change your mind after the two week deadline

Will my college class change my high school GPA?

  • If you choose to count your classes as high school and college credit the class will figure into your high school GPA
  • If you choose to count your college class as only college credit, it will not change your high school GPA

Will students have any cost for the dual enrollment classes?

Classes are provided free of cost for Alcona students. If a student fails the class, they are responsible for all class fees.

Will students have college classes every day?

Dual enrollment students will follow a traditional college schedule according to Alpena Community College. Most college classes are two days a week

What do students do on days they don’t have college class?

Students do not need to come to school if they do not have scheduled college or high school classes. If students choose to come to school, they must meet in the determined dual enrollment area.

Will students follow Alcona High School’s schedule or Alpena Community College’s schedule?

Students will follow both schedules. This means students may be required to start dual enrollment classes earlier than the first day of high school classes.