The mission of the Alcona Community Schools’ Transportation Department is to provide your child with a secure and safe ride to and from school. Safety is our first priority. Drivers inspect their buses daily and the entire fleet is inspected by the Michigan State Police annually. Our transportation department consistently receives the highest safety ratings for our bus fleet. The Alcona Community Schools’ transportation department team strives for nothing less than excellence when it comes to your child’s safe and secure ride to school.

Alcona Community Schools’ bus drivers participate in ongoing professional development throughout the year. Our drivers are well trained to respond to today’s changing situations and to comply with new laws that impact your child’s transportation to and from school.
It’s early morning and your child is waiting for the school bus to pick them up. Some students get on buses not quite ready to begin the day. Maybe there wasn’t time for breakfast, or someone to say good-bye to. Yet, here in a warm, dry bus there is a place for them. The driver greets them with a smile and a “good morning”. The day of education has begun. The driver checks to see if the child has a seat and is seated. Then the driver checks the safety of the rest of the bus occupants in the mirror before checking traffic and road conditions. One final look in the mirrors, the stop sign comes in, the red flashers are turned off, the bus moves down the road, and students are on their way to school. We are transporting the most precious resource there is.

Remember we want your child’s busing experience at Alcona to be friendly, secure and safe. Thank you for entrusting your child with our care!

If you have any questions, please call the bus garage at (989) 736-6211. If you would like to speak to a driver we will arrange that.